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We have the following volunteer committees. Note the application to apply for these committees is now closed.

Steering Committee

This group is responsible for overseeing event organization, setting the strategic direction, and liaising with the other regional and national initiatives (NRIs) of the Internet Governance Forum.

Program Committee

The Program Committee will be responsible for developing the Liberia IGF 2020 agenda. It will determine the overarching themes, specific sessions, and session formats. These deliberations should take into account the Liberian and local contexts, current issues, and the interests of multiple stakeholder groups. It will select and reach out to potential speakers, considering issues of representation and diversity. The Program Committee may also undertake public consultations to inform its decisions.

Sponsorship Committee

The Sponsorship Committee will raise operational funds and in-kind contributions. It will set sponsorship goals and build the sponsorship package. This includes the funding tiers and the benefits associated with them. It will also brainstorm, select, and reach out to potential sponsors.

Community Support

The Community Support Committee will implement the Liberia IGF Fellowship Program, which will include travel funding and a mentorship program for students. It will also fund travel for speakers from under-resourced organizations. The Fellowship Committee will determine the amount of funding reserved for speakers and for students. For student applicants, it will develop criteria and an application process, process applications, and determine the recipients. Promoting networking and engagement between events

Event Execution

The Event Execution Committee will ensure that the event runs smoothly. It will select and reach out to potential location sponsors. It will also deal with the logistics of the event itself, including the provision of food and drinks, ticketing, language considerations, attendee questions and participation, and accessibility issues. Finally, it will be responsible for the recruitment and coordination of volunteers.

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